Chapter 1


The Report :

Arlington, Virginia

The Pentagon, Room 2B316


Top Secret/SCI

Eyes Only


Memo (Draft)


To:                 General Landers

                  Chairman Joint Chiefs (see Distribution List)


Re: Pearl Harbour II



                   This memo and the detailed appendices attached comprise a comprehensive list of the damages done to both military infrastructure, and our research capabilities at the Groom Lake facilities. The incident, which has now become referred to as “Pearl Harbour II”, or simply PHII, is without doubt the severest setback to future research projects the military complex has ever suffered. There are no precedents with which to compare the damage, both in the short term and for years to come. It also outlines the possible implications for future military strategies and political fallout, as determined by the discovery of the identity of the person(s) responsible for the destruction.


Physical Damage: The Groom Lake facility is vast and spread over a large area of the Nevada Desert. However, there are very few buildings left standing and none that were left undamaged after the attack. All major structures were obliterated beyond recovery, with only a few outlying buildings and smaller storage structures remaining. A detailed list of all buildings affected is contained in Appendix B of this report. A comprehensive report detailing the damage done to each building is being prepared and will be available as soon as completed.


Manpower: All military personnel stationed at Groom Lake undergo a rigorous vetting procedure and are trained to the highest standard. Of the 1200 military personnel on extended detachment to Groom Lake, with 750 being on site at the time of the incursion, a total of 150 were lost. Most bodies have been recovered and identified; however, 16 remain unaccounted for. It is possible their remains will not be identified, but there are already rumours of survivors who have gone underground and may sell stories to the press. There are contingency plans being drawn up and all efforts are being made to discredit or deny these rumours. All of the civilian staff at the facility have been relocated to other high-security installations. However, here also there are several remaining unaccounted for. The names and positions of both military and civilians unaccounted for are listed in Appendix C of this report. Surveillance of key personnel involved, and any “at risk” targets, is ongoing.


Assets: Almost all of our most top-secret assets were located at the facility. It is my duty to report that all assets have been lost, along with any research data associated with the projects that had not been backed up on external servers. A complete list of all ongoing projects, including the aims and budgets, is contained in Appendix D. In future, it is my recommendation that we do not put all our eggs into the same basket, no matter how secure we think the basket is. (N.B. Contact this office for final language review before printing.) It is also worth noting that not all assets were actually destroyed; some escaped. The whereabouts of these assets are not currently known, but all efforts are being made to locate and recover at all costs.


Responsibility: All the eyewitness reports indicate that a single craft was responsible for all the damage and loss of life. The craft had stealth capabilities and failed to show up on any detection system, at any time, throughout the incident. The attack comprised of a systematic sweep of the facility compound, followed by complete destruction of the buildings. This was not a random attack; in my opinion, PHII was a search-and-destroy mission. After being allowed access to Groom Lake files, I believe the target of the mission was the asset attached to Project RED ROCK known as “The Passenger”. I also believe the mission was not a success and that a source asset known as “The Circle” escaped the devastation, taking the asset with them. The current locations of both “The Circle” and “The Passenger” are not known at this time, but it is my belief we are not the only ones looking for them. Full details of Project RED ROCK are available on request, as designated by Presidential Order 5383.


Repercussions: I believe that there will be another attempt to either kidnap or eliminate “The Passenger.” The resulting damage and press coverage will, with all certainty, be much harder to contain than rumours from a top-secret facility in the middle of the desert. It is my opinion that the President should be made aware of all data and history within this report.             

It is in my opinion, Sir, that the shit just hit the fan and that we should all run for cover.




… He looked at the last line again. It was the truth; there was no denying it. The shit had most certainly hit the fan, and the only sane thing to do was hit the dirt. He sincerely doubted that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces would tell his boss that the shit had hit the fan; he had to convince him by walking him through the details, without making it sound like a Ray Bradbury yarn. It was probably the best way, and the only one with any chance of success. Yes sir, Area 51 was attacked by a UFO, and every god-fearing soul in the place ran for their lives. It is also true that this UFO was looking for an alien – an alien that the US Government has had under lock and key for almost 50 years. Furthermore, sir, it is also true that this alien was given to us by a bunch of other aliens that have been running around the country for who knows how long. The Little Green Men days are gone; they look like us, they talk like us and we need to find them before the other lot do; otherwise, all hell will break loose again, and this time there will be no covering it up. This time it will probably be on CNN for the whole world to see, and then it will all come out. The dominoes will fall. The fifty years of lies, MK Ultra, Area 51, Project Blue Book, all the way back to New Mexico – everything. Then every tinfoil-hat-wearing nut job and every conspiracy theorist will turn round, and with one voice yell out to the world: “See? Fucking told you so!”