Welcome to my website...

Feel free to stay a while and browse through my bookshelf. Sit down, have a drink, take in the view and enjoy.

Due to a dispute between my self and Kindle Desktop Publishing my titles are no longer available on Amazon. However, this leads to an opportunity for me to spread my wings and free myself and my work of the restrictive policies that shackle so many budding authors.

On a more personal note I am currently recovering from successful heart surgery. After a minor heart attack I have undergone a triple heart bypass. I would like to thank all the medical staff at both Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick. I Thank You all from the bottom of my still beating heart. 

In case you're wondering... They had a sale on. Buy 2 get one free. How could I refuse?

After twelve weeks I've been the all good sign from the doctors, so normal service will be resumed as soon as I find Normal and then run away from it.