Rosemary Doe

Rosemary Doe - Some secrets will haunt you till the day you die.


Detective Constable Karen Wilson wants to prove that she is good at her job and deserves a promotion. Due to these commitments, she is denied an opportunity to work on a big case. Instead, she is handed a crank call and a hit-and-run case. She rises to the challenge and finds that the two cases may be related, which leads her into the realm of the paranormal. It is a dark and bloody trail that she must follow if she wants to be successful.

Rosemary Doe is the fourth novel from independent Scottish author Ian Clark, which explores the secrets that people keep and the consequences they face. In an exciting, fast-paced journey through the adult side of Aberdeen, he opens the door to the dark side of life and guides us through the twists and turns before reaching a breathtaking conclusion.