Broken Glass

All Detective Sergeant Karen “Jackie” Wilson wants is to prove herself as a competent investigator. But when she's paired with the eccentric and untrustworthy Dr. Hugh Glass to solve a string of bizarre murders, it's hard to keep her focus on the case.
Reacting to the pressure to succeed and struggling with her trust issues, Wilson believes the world is a black and white place where good guys catch the bad guys. But when she discovers evidence of an extra-terrestrial race infiltrating humanity, everything changes for her. She's terrified to discover the truth about the existence of aliens on Earth.
Emotionally and physically responding to the shocking revelation, Wilson is forced to confront her beliefs and cope with the new reality. After facing countless obstacles, she realizes her life is spiraling out of control. Now in a catch-22 situation from all the decisions she's made, she must face her greatest fear: trusting the untrustworthy or risk losing everything.

"Broken Glass" is a spine-tingling, mind-bending sequel to “Rosemary Doe” by Ian Clark. If you like psychological science fiction horror, themes of trust and understanding the unknown, and a nerve racking sense of paranoia, then you'll love this gripping and thought-provoking tale of conspiracy and survival.